5 Natural Beauty Hacks for Summer

Posted by Courtney Robertson on May 29, 2017 /  comments

As happy as we are not to deal with windchill or snow storms anymore, humidity and searing temperatures can also really affect our daily beauty routine! We can’t stop the sun from shining (not that we want to), but we can offer some advice to help keep skin healthy, makeup fresh, and hair looking glamorous. Here are our top five summer beauty hacks!

Wake Up Feeling Fresh

Try using Mineral Fusion’s dry shampoo in your hair on warm nights before bed to absorb sweat and moisture.

Sooth Sensitive Skin

Freeze Lily of the Desert aloe vera juice in ice cube trays. Apply to sunburns and sensitive bikini lines.

Refresh Throughout the Day

Add witch hazel and water to a spray bottle, store in the fridge and mist on the face as a refreshing skin toner.


Tame Frizzy Hair

We all know that coconut oil can fix almost anything, right? Keep a small jar in your bathroom or cosmetic bag and apply a fingertip sized amount to hair. No only will it nourish the hair follicle but it will eliminate annoying fly-aways.  

Minimize your Makeup Routine

Swap heavy foundations for a lighter tinted moisturizer like Andalou BB Cream which also contains a SPF 30 sun protection.

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