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Fun ways to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day while social distancing

A mother is your first friend and your forever friend. Every mother should get a chance to feel beautiful and special. Although you may not be able to take your mom to her favourite restaurant, spa or the movies this year, there are still many ways to make her feel extra special on Mother’s Day while social distancing! The ideas listed below will work in person or through video calling.

  • Ask her for her to-do list and complete one of the big items on it.
  • Find a recipe to cook together. 
  • Gift her a scrapbook filled with old and new pictures, along with quotes about why she matters to you. 
  • Write her a letter about all the times she made you feel loved, or share some of your favourite memories.
  • Learn a craft together. Try knitting or origami! Maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent. 
  • Gift her a memory box by finding items around your home that symbolize a special memory you share with her. She might be confused at first but as she pulls out each item, share your special memory.
  • Schedule an at-home delivery of some of her favourite things. 

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