How To Reduce Your Stress While Working From Home

How To Reduce Your Stress While Working From Home

In a time of so much upheaval, adjusting to working from home is anything but easy. It’s always challenging to juggle personal and professional responsibilities while also caring for your own well-being—and with the future so uncertain, it has become more difficult than ever. 

We want to help. Here are a few of our top tips to keep your stress levels low and your spirits high right now.

Set up a calming work environment

Take some time to create the optimal setup for your new space. Just as you would at the office, decorate your desk with things you love—whether it’s photos of your family, art, candles, books, posters, or sports memorabilia. Next, give your back a break by arranging your computer monitor, chair height and keyboard in the most ergonomic way possible (the internet can provide some guidance here). If you can, try to find a spot with natural sunlight and add some plants to purify your air and perk up the space.

Keep a regular schedule

With no commute or evening activities, it’s tempting to abandon your normal daily schedule. Resist that urge. Sticking to a timetable is a great way to manage stress. By breaking your day down into smaller, bite-sized pieces that each have a purpose, it both fills your time and provides a clear focus. Scheduling also helps you create a clear division between personal and professional responsibilities—a distinction that is crucial when working from home.

Take a break to meditate

Consider downloading a mediation app to use during a break in your workday. Meditation isn’t for everyone, but now could be a great time to see if it helps you reduce some day-to-day anxiety. You can even add in some aromatherapy to your practice! To fight stress, we recommend using frankincense, lavender, bergamot or ylang ylang. 

Eat healthy, balanced meals

To help your body combat stress, it’s important to feed it the fuel it needs. Make sure you’re at your best by eating plenty of fresh, unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. And keep it simple. With all this time at home—and influencers on social media who make it look so easy—you may feel the pressure to bake your own bread, start an extreme diet, or spend hours making elaborate dishes. But there’s no need to add that additional strain to your life. Simply do your best to maintain a balanced diet and keep your body fueled up. 

Keep in touch 

Isolation compounds stress. That’s why it’s more vital than ever to stay in touch with friends and loved ones with regular phone calls and socially distant visits. Additionally, try to maintain some non-work contact with your coworkers throughout your day. You would be surprised by how much a little office small talk over Zoom can help with your mental well-being.

However you choose to manage this new reality, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. In such a challenging time, that’s all we can do.