Keeping Up With Kardish: Meet Mike

Keeping Up With Kardish: Meet Mike

Mike has been managing the Barrhaven Kardish location for three years, but he’s been with the Ottawa company for much longer than that. 

He got his start with Kardish 10 years ago, working at the Merivale store. He was inspired to start working there because of his background in sports. 

At the time Mike was playing hockey, hardball baseball, tennis, golf, and regularly rollerblading. Nutrition wasn’t something he was overly concerned about, but since joining Kardish it’s become a staple. 

While his favourite health topic to chat about with customers is physical activity and how it relates to diet and nutrition, he has a wealth of knowledge thanks to regular seminar style training sessions with Kardish. 

The father of two said his favourite healthy recipe is a fancied up salad—which his son—who’s 12—also loves (he still hasn’t quite convinced his ten-year-old daughter). 

The salad:  

Portobello mushrooms
Red and green peppers 


Pink himalayan salt 


Along with a tasty salad recipe, Mike has some daily habits that he uses to stay happy and healthy. 

His top rule is to get as much sleep as he can - aiming for seven to eight hours a night. He knows this isn’t always easy - but Mike believes this is one of the biggest factors in staying healthy for him. 

He also ensures he gets all his regular meals, starting with a good breakfast. In those meals, he’s careful to get enough fibre and protein. And of course, he has carefully picked the supplements he includes in his daily routine. These include probiotics and a good multivitamin. 

And then there’s exercise. He’s a busy guy, but he tries to squeeze in 20 minutes, even on the busy days, usually going for a skate on his rollerblades - especially now that the weather is nice. 

Last but not least, Mike says it’s important to make time for himself. For him, this comes in the form of music. He plays guitar and writes music, all kinds! From rock to classical, to sweeter acoustic melodies. 

It keeps him happy. As do his interactions at work. 

Mike says that what makes him feel the best at work is the customers - the regulars (most of whom come in weekly) - and ask directly for him. 

“They are really grateful for the help you’ve given them.”

Those warm interactions, along with the family atmosphere that Kardish harnesses among it’s staff, are the reason he’s stayed for so long. 

Mike’s most memorable interaction? One time a customer gave him a goji tree. He put it in the front of the store, and it actually bloomed, providing tiny edible red berries!

“It makes you feel great because you know you’ve helped someone, and you kind of develop a friendship with that person.”