Keeping Up With Kardish: Get To Know Ingrid!

Keeping Up With Kardish: Get To Know Ingrid!

Ingrid is one of the hardworking team members at our Bells Corner location. She was born and raised in Ottawa and has two children that she is very proud of. On the weekends, you can find her cooking a mean steak on the Barbeque. Before starting at Kardish, she ran a home daycare for about 18 years. When she finished this endeavour, Ingrid wasn’t sure what the next chapter of her life would hold until she saw an ad. Kardish was hiring! 

Ingrid has worked at Kardish for three years now! She’s pleased to have an opportunity to work with a team that’s very enthusiastic. 

“What drew me to working at Kardish is that I can guide people to the right path on their health journey,” says Ingrid. She loves making customers laugh and it’s very important to her. “It makes my day.” 

Ingrid is passionate about following a healthy diet and workout regime. She says that “taking care of your body is a lifelong journey.”

Recently, Ingrid injured her back and had to do some physiotherapy to help it heal. Alongside this, she was taking a supplement called Curcumin and it did wonders for her! Joint pain is one of the topics she chats about with her customers. Her personal experience and knowing what worked for her has allowed her to better understand the customers that come in for joint pain. 

Ingrid also shares her tips on immune boosting products, which is especially important right now. 

“You need plenty of sleep, veggies, fruits, and take your D3,” says Ingrid. She recommends Vitamin D3, Raw Unheated Honey, her favorite concentrated Elderberry and 5 drops daily of Kardish’s Oil of Oregano. In fact, Kardish’s Oil of Oregano is great to take to boost your immune system, but it’s also a great product for upset stomachs. 

RespirFirst by Health First is also one of Ingrid’s favourite products.  It is used to treat bronchitis and seasonal allergies.  “I started taking 3 tablespoons a day for my allergies and it worked very well,” shares Ingrid.

Ingrid’s daily regime is very important to her. “Eat a balanced meal, exercise and get plenty of sleep! And, keep taking your immune boosting products,” she says. “Working at Kardish has been an amazing experience. I love it! It’s a daily learning experience and the team members here are fantastic.”

If you have any questions about boosting your immune system or joint pain, Ingrid at Bells Corners will gladly walk you through your options!