Prepping for Cold and Flu Season

Posted by Courtney Robertson on Oct 05, 2016 /  comments

Many of us work in office buildings, day care centres and schools where flu germs spread quickly. These germs lead to an array of undesired symptoms, work and school absences and an overall decline in well-being. It's important to begin taking steps now to support your immune system and stay healthy throughout the entire year.

Top 5 tips for avoiding colds and flu:

Get Enough Sleep

It may seem simple but regular, good quality sleep is incredibly important for immune health. While we sleep our bodies are working to detoxify and cleanse, so without proper sleep the body is unable to function at its highest level. Poor quality sleep also weakens the body's ability to heal and protect itself from pathogens. Sleep requirements differ for every person, but eight hours of undisturbed sleep is usually enough.

Manage Stress

Any form of stress will release excess cortisol, which suppresses the immune system (also known as an immunosuppressant). Not only is winter the beginning of cold and flu season, but it is also a time of high stress during the holidays. It is important to find ways to reduce daily stress through meditation, reading, deep breathing, or gentle exercise.

Protein Intake

We need protein for many different things including the ability to create antibodies, white bloods cells and other immune tissues. Antibodies are proteins that are released by our immune system to recognize and destroy pathogens. Without adequate protein in our diets the body has less ability to create these antibodies. Starting the day off with good quality protein in the form of a nutritious smoothie made with Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins+ or omelette will promote a healthy robust immune system.

Don't Over Sanitise

Triclosan and triclocarban are antibacterial agents found in many soaps and hand sanitizers. These ingredients have the ability to destroy all bacteria and it is creating a major issue within our society called antimicrobial resistance (among other concerns). In other words, we need some dirt and germs to stay healthy. A much better strategy is to learn proper hand washing techniques using natural soap and warm water.

Key Supplements

Lifestyle plays a large role when prepping for cold and flu season, but there are also key supplements that can help to to keep you feeling well. Oregano oil taken at the first sign of a cold can help to stop the progression of symptoms. St. Francis Deep Immune is popular with nurses and daycare providers and can be taken on a regular basis.


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