5 Ways to Ditch That Cold or Flu for Good

Posted by Courtney Robertson on Feb 22, 2017 /  comments

We’ve made it through peak flu season and spring is on our mind, but we can’t forget that flu germs still linger. If you’re feeling that tingle in your throat or stuffiness in your nose, here are 5 tips to stop a cold or flu in its tracks!

A little bit of raw, unpasteurized honey

Honey actually has an acidic pH which inhibits pathogenic bacteria from thriving. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of honey, it can help to fight off bacteria that makes us sick. Manuka honey in particular is recognized worldwide for its therapeutic benefits and has even been recommended by some doctors for treating bacterial infections.

A few drops of oregano oil

Oregano oil taken at the first sign of a cold can help to stop the progression of symptoms. Try mixing a few drops into juice or tea. You can also add a few drops underneath the tongue for improved absorption (be cautious as it is very strong in flavour).

Take a probiotic everyday

Many of us are familiar with the probiotics found in yogurt, but we would need to consume truckloads in order to obtain the same probiotic content found in a high quality supplement. These healthy bacteria are a crucial part of our digestive and immune function and have also been shown to influence our mental health. During the winter, we bring home plenty of germs from the office, school and daycare, which spreads quickly throughout a household. A daily multi-strain probiotic like Progressive HCP can help to support the immune system all year.

Enjoy a cup of warm Citrus Soother

You could purchase several bottles of immune supporting vitamins, minerals and herbs, but with citrus soother you can have them all in one delicious hot drink formulated by a Holistic Pharmacist. A serving of Citrus Soother provides the antiviral benefits of echinacea and elderberry, immune supporting qualities of vitamin C & D and Zinc plus the soothing properties of honey and ginger. Simply mix with warm water (not boiling in order to retain the vitamin C) and enjoy!

Bite into a Quick-Blast

Reduce sore throats and sinus congestion instantaneously with Natural Factors Quick-Blast chewables. Each chewable softgel contains echinacea, honey, menthol, and refreshing essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus.


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