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Pack the Perfect Picnic

Grab a basket and fill it with nutritious and tasty snacks because we’re going on a picnic! Not sure what to include? No problem, we’ve got plenty of great suggestions.

Crunchy Snacks
The best snacks are crunchy snacks! Grab a bag of Boulder Canyon chips available in a variety of flavours at your local Kardish. A handful of homemade trail mix can provide not only a satisfying crunch, but also protein and fibre. Throw a few KIND Bars into your basket and get all the crunch and goodness of trail mix without the effort.

Fun Drinks
Ditch the sugary soda and try stevia sweetened Zevia. Available in familiar flavours like cola, cream soda, ginger ale and more. When the kids get thirsty after a game of frisbee or kicking the soccer ball around, try coconut water instead of powdered fruit drinks or sport beverages.

Dip It!
Chop fresh veggies like carrot, celery, broccoli, and zucchini and dip them into Green Machine Protein Hummus or Zengarry vegan cashew cheese. Looking for a sweet dipping option? Try Cookie Dough Hummus with whole-grain pretzels and organic graham crackers.

Make a Kebab
Picnics are all about fuss-free snacks that won't leave you feeling weighed down. Try adding your favourite food to a kebab stick for a light handheld snack. We love these Tofu Mushroom Kebabs with Nut Sauce or how about Banana Kebabs with Chocolate Sauce!

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