Top 10 Tea Favourites
19 Nov , 2015

Top 10 Tea Favourites

The marketing team here at Kardish are big fans of tea. We love the spice of chai, the subtle flavour of green and the boldness of ginger. As winter approaches we are stockpiling many of our favourites for the chilly days ahead. So, what are our favourite varieties of tea and why do we love them so much? 

Come find out what we're steeping..

Yogi Calming

With herbal ingredients like chamomile and lavender all we're missing is a bathtub filled with bubbles in a room lit only by candlelight.. I don't think we'll find that at the office however!

Stash Chai Spice Decaf

A decaffeinated black tea paired with warm seasonal spices like cinnamon, clove, and allspice blends perfectly with steamed coconut milk.

Pukka After Dinner

We love the totally unique flavour of this tea! Ginger, fennel and cardamom help to support digestion and as the name implies, it is perfect after a meal.

Stash Organic Green

Often less is better when it comes to ingredient lists. All this tea contains is organic green tea, nothing else, nodda!

Traditional Medicinals Ginger

Many of us are familiar with the spicy flavour of ginger, but did you know that it fights inflammation, stimulates circulation and can help to alleviate hot flashes?

Tazo Awake

A great tea to help those transitioning away from coffee. It still contains caffeine, but about half that of coffee. Get the boost you need without the crash later in the day. 

Numi Toasted Rice

We're happy to say that Numi teas are both certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, and yes, it really does contain toasted rice. It has a lovely nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with something a little sweet.

Stash Premium Peppermint

You may have heard the peppermint aids in digestion, but do you know why? Peppermint actually helps to increase stomach acidity which is crucial for proper digestion, especially when digesting protein.

Yogi Green Tea Kombucha

Kombucha is the fermented bubbly tea that is sold just about everywhere nowadays, but has actually been brewing around the world for centuries. We think it's totally awesome that Yogi has found a way to add it to their green tea without using any artificial flavours. 

Pukka Revitalize

If you're feeling tired or under the weather all you need is a whiff of this tea and you'll be back on your feet. We like to brew a cup on cold rainy days that are spent at our desks.

Let us know what's in your mug by commenting below.

Happy Steeping!!

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