4 supplements to help you ditch the cold & flu this season

4 supplements to help you ditch the cold & flu this season

Once the fall and winter hit, it is so important to implement immune-boosting techniques and products into our routine to stay healthy during the colder months. With these time-tested supplements, you can ensure that you are proactive about your immune system and overall health.

1. Vitamin C

One of the most common immune-boosting products is Vitamin C! A quick and easy way to add Vitamin C to your wellness routine is with a powder format. The Kardish Vitamin C crystals mix into any beverage quickly and easily, so this can be an easy addition to your morning routine. Kardish Vitamin C Complex is always gluten-free, vegan friendly and non-GMO. They can also be enjoyed by the whole family, safe for anyone ages four and up. Try adding this quick step to your routine and reap the immune-boosting benefits. Also, available in capsules!

2. Elderberry 

Another popular option to boost your immune system is Elderberry. Elderberry is known for boosting the body’s immune response by increasing white blood cell production and helping to lessen the symptoms of viral infections. Kardish Elderberry & Zinc, Elderberry Syrup, and Elderberry Gummies are great choices to soothe those frustrating cold symptoms. So next time you feel the beginning of a cold or viral infection, reach for elderberry in any of its many forms to help bring you back to your best self. 

3. Echinacea

Echinacea is another very popular choice to boost your immune system and help with cold and viral infection symptoms. This is a great supplement to introduce to your wellness routine as it can significantly improve your immunity by targeting white blood cells and boosting your immune response. Echinacea is also high in antioxidants which in turn can help to keep your immune system thriving. Try our Kardish Echinacea capsules!


4. Probiotics

Probiotics are more than just gut health heroes – they're a key player in boosting your immune system! These beneficial bacteria play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy balance in your gut, which is home to a significant portion of your immune system. Incorporating probiotics into your daily routine can be a simple yet effective step towards stronger immunity and overall well-being.

With so many effective immune-boosting options available, it should be much easier to prioritize and keep your immune health at the forefront. By keeping our immune systems thriving, we can enjoy more time feeling our best and less time worrying about colds and viral infections.