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Wellness Blog

Keeping Up With Kardish: Get To Know Nora!

 Nora Munro

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Meet Nora, our Westgate manager! She was born and raised in Ottawa and has always been much of a natural! “I grew up eating healthy. I always ate seasonal foods, fresh foods and I love gardening!” Built on an internal interest, she took some courses on Alive academy which officially led her into the health food industry.

After working in several health food retail stores, she planted her feet in management. She definitely is a people person! She loves working with her colleagues! 

So being in a health food store and working with people is like icing on a cake! Kardish, being a local and family-run business, drew Nora into joining our family. 

Nora shared one of her life-changing moments with us. “I went on a hike with a friend and we ended up getting lost in the woods for about 12 hours! This was a big learning experience for me. I realized I could do anything!” Since then, Nora learnt to be brave, courageous and ambitious when taking upon new challenges. 

On her health journey Nora learnt some great tips and tricks for staying healthy. 

  1. Vitamin D is very important! “ I recommend the Liquid Vitamin D by Health First!”
  2. “Food and nutrition will come if you eat a balanced diet. “We all eat birthday cake and enjoy other foods, but it’s important that we stay hydrated and keep active. Take a garden walk! Walk around the gardens in your neighbourhood!”
  3. Collagen, Vitamin C and protein are a great combination for aging well. “If we can keep our muscle mass, we age well”
  4. Lorna Vanderhaege’s Super Rich Skin Therapy Celadrin Cream will help with inflammation and to keep your skin moisturized and looking healthy!


In her late 40’s, Nora was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, leading her to reading more about nutrition and supplements for diabetic people. After educating herself on the topic, it is now one of her favorite conversations with customers. Have any questions about blood sugar, bone health or diabetes? Nora would be delighted to share with you her personal favorite supplements! 


Nora also plays the role of an educator outside of work. She lives in a neighborhood with a lot of children and has taken an extra effort to be environmentally friendly. She frequently chats with the children about gardening, and the importance of eating healthy. Nora is passionate about teaching the younger generation and making them understand where food comes from. “Eat local and seasonal food! A healthy balance is very important!” She says. Speaking of healthy food, try Nora's favorite 2 recipes. Find her delicious Beet Salad recipe, along with her family favorite guacamole below!


Each recipe can be made vegetarian/vegan with substitutes for the dairy.

4-5 beets cooked and peeled any time red, golden etc I have used golden

Goat cheese about 1/2 of a small package or to your taste

Splash of balsamic vinegar

  • Chop up beets into cubes
  • Crumble goat cheese 
  • Splash balsamic vinegar to taste

Serves 2-4 



Nora’s Creamy Guacamole  

2-3 large ripe avocados 

1-2 tbsp sour cream 

1/2 large lemon squeezed or 1 small

1/4 tsp paprika 

Then paprika to sprinkle on top 

  • Mash avocados to your liking chunky or smooth 
  • Add 1 tbsp sour cream stir to make creamy. If not creamy enough add a bit more
  • Squeeze in lemon juice stir
  • Add paprika stir
  • Sprinkle paprika on top

Let sit 5 minutes

  • Add more lemon or paprika to taste
  • Chill for at least one hour

would serve approx 2-3 servings 

Wellness Blog

Kardish And Foodsharing Ottawa Make Large Donation To The Smith Falls Community Food Bank

Left to right: Melinda Assaf (Kardish Owner and CFO), Robert Assaf (Kardish Owner and President), Laurie Bruce (Foodsharing Ottawa Rescue Driver)

At Kardish, we're passionate about making lives better and supporting the health of our local community. That’s why we regularly partner with organizations such as Foodsharing Ottawa, a non-profit organization that reduces food waste by rescuing surplus food from local businesses and donating it back to the community where it’s needed.

Kardish has made frequent donations to Foodsharing Ottawa since the group was founded in 2015. This month, Kardish donated hundreds of pounds of tasty and healthy food, including essential grains, dried fruits, and vitamins.

“Community support has always been a core value to Kardish,” said Robert Assaf, President & owner of Kardish Health Food Centre. “In Ottawa, 1 in 7 households struggle with food insecurity. We hope that food donations like ours can help to change this statistic.” 

Foodsharing Ottawa volunteer Laurie Bruce picked up this month’s donation from the Kardish warehouse and delivered the food to the Smith Falls Food Community Bank

Natalia Soteroff, Smiths Falls Community Food Bank Manager, said that the Kardish food donation will be put to good use this Fall. 

“Food insecurity is a battle that Ottawa will continue to face for a long time,” said Natalia. “It is through support from local businesses like Kardish that we can help our community’s vulnerable and hungry.”

For more information on Kardish’s community involvement, visit:

About Kardish Health Food Centre 

Kardish Health Food Centre is Ottawa’s leading health food retailer. Founded in 1979, Kardish is committed to making it easy for you to discover well-being solutions that work for you. With seven retail locations across Ottawa, its easy to access a wide selection of specialty health and bulk foods, gluten-free products, natural health and beauty aids, vitamins, and other natural health supplements. Kardish is an industry and community leader and has won the Ottawa Business Journal Employee’s Choice Award, the Best Ottawa Business Award, and the Canadian Health Food Association Award for Excellence in Retailing.

About Foodsharing Ottawa

Foodsharing Ottawa was founded in 2015 by a group of volunteers passionate about reducing food waste. Our main focus is on rescuing surplus food from local businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants and donating it back to the community where it’s needed. Through this work, we are helping to reduce the environmental impact of food waste and address food insecurity in our community.

About Smiths Falls Community Food Bank

Established in 1997 by Wilma Oatway and a group of dedicated volunteers, the Smiths Falls Community Food Bank operates on the premise that in a world where we have so much, no one should go hungry. We are an emergency community service providing food to our community as needed and as available.

Wellness Blog

How To Stay Active With Your Kids For The Rest Of Summer

Without gym class and after school activities, it is always a challenge to help your children stay physically active during the summer months. And with the pandemic cancelling summer camps and sports teams, keeping kids moving is more difficult than ever this year.

Still, there are plenty of ways to keep your children active during the break they simply require a little more ingenuity than usual on the part of parents and caregivers. Here are a few ideas to keep your kids (and you) moving for the last few weeks of Summer.

Arrange a neighborhood scavenger hunt

Make a list of common neighborhood landmarks and outdoor items, then send your children out to find them. Possible ideas could include a cute dog, a fire hydrant, a yard with a swing set, a red truck, etc. Be creative! You can even organize your kids and their friends into teams and encourage them to compete to see who can finish the list first. If your kids are older, send them with a smart phone so they can document their discoveries as they check them off on the list. 

 Plant a mini garden

We all know that kids love to dig around in the dirt, so why not embrace it? Set aside a small amount of space in your yard or in a planter for your children to sow their own tiny garden. Select a handful of flowers and vegetables are easy to grow and care for, then encourage your little ones to do the rest (with a little assistance, of course). Planting, watering, and harvesting will teach your children responsibility while also helping them to better understand where their food comes from.

Organize a picnic

A picnic is a great excuse to get outside and spend quality time with your family. All you need is a simple lunch to enjoy together and a blanket to sit on, of course. For post-lunch activities, a frisbee, soccer ball, bubbles, or a jump rope can be a fun way for the whole family to be active together. You can even invite another family or two for a socially distant visit!

Explore the natural world

Visit a nearby park or natural area and encourage your kids to search for different species of trees, plants, birds, and bugs. Not only does it get your children outside, but this activity is a great way to spark their natural curiosity, and it might even ignite a passion for nature. The best news? You don’t have to be a biologist to help them identify the species they see—these days, there are countless apps for that. 

Create your own backyard Olympics

Even with the summer games postponed, you can still bring the Olympic spirit to your home with a fun back yard experience. Arrange a handful of simple athletic events around the yard, such as long jump, “discus” with a frisbee, or a 20m dash. And don’t feel constrained by traditional Olympic pastimes. Try sack races, jump rope competitions, tug-of-war, a hula-hoop competition, or a water balloon toss. Don’t forget to set up your makeshift podium to celebrate the champions!

Wellness Blog

How To Make A Salad Dressing Without A Recipe

Who says you need a recipe to create a stunner salad dressing? As it turns out, it’s shockingly simple to mix up your own tasty dressings from scratch. All it takes is a few pantry staples and pinch of creativity.

Intimidated? Don’t be! Every vinaigrette only takes a few ingredients and the same basic principles. Plus, once you get the hang of the basics, you can start freestyling your own custom dressings for every variety of salad imaginable.

 As the name suggests, a vinaigrette starts with vinegar. The variety you select depends on the flavor profile you’re targeting. For a light, neutral base, rice wine vinegar is a great option—it’s also perfect for many Asian dressings. Looking to go a little on the sweeter side? Try red or white wine vinegar for a satisfying tang. Of course, a great option is always balsamic. A rich balsamic vinaigrette is so simple, but it’s always a crowd pleaser, and it suits tons of different salads. 

Next, slowly whisk in vegetable oil. A rule of thumb for any vinaigrette is three parts oil, one part vinegar, but you can also experiment with the ratio to suit your tastes. For oils, a good go-to is always olive. However, if you are looking for a lighter flavor, consider subbing in a more neutral option such as grapeseed, avocado, or sunflower. During this step, you’ll also want to add in salt—we recommend about ¼ tsp for every tablespoon of vinegar.

That’s it! You just made your first vinaigrette without a recipe. It really is that simple.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the (optional) next step is to add more flavor. Add-ins fall into a few basic categories:

Alliums such as garlic, onions, or shallots blend perfectly with vinegar to create more complex, full-bodied flavor. Just be sure to mince them very finely and mix well for the best effect.

Mustards thicken your dressing and add an unmistakable tang to any mixture. Dijon, for example, is the perfect addition to elevate a basic balsamic and olive oil combo.

Sweeteners can transform the flavor profile of the dressing. In addition to classic options such as white or brown sugar, consider natural choices—honey, agave, or maple syrup. Just remember, with sweeteners, a little goes a long way.

Spices take your dressing to the next level. Paprika is always an excellent choice to add a little depth to your flavor, and cumin is known to create a delightful savory feel to your recipe. You can also try spicier options such as dried peppers, cayenne pepper, or chilli powder to add an extra kick to your vinaigrette.

Herbs add a fresh, elevated finish to any dressing. Consider sprinkling in finely chopped dill, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, or any other choice that strikes your fancy. Remember, there are no rules here.

And that’s it. Simple, right? Give it a try! Your first freestyle salad dressing is just a few flicks of a whisk away.

Wellness Blog

How To Integrate Exercise Into Your Day While Working From Home

The shift to working from home has disrupted so many people’s regular routines, changing how they do just about everything—including exercise. Whether you used to hit the gym in the mornings, walked at lunch with coworkers, or biked to work, the pandemic has probably thrown a wrench in your workout schedule.

Need to get back to exercising regularly? Here are some tips to help you get back on track.

Try a morning walk (or bike ride)

Without a morning commute to contend with, you likely have some time back in your day. Consider using it for some light exercise, like a walk or bike ride. Movement first thing in the morning will give you a little energy boost and help you start your day off on the right foot. Plus, who doesn’t love catching a gorgeous sunrise? 

Do a virtual workout

Luckily, we live in an age where you don’t have to leave your house to access a great workout—all you need is an internet connection. Take some time to check out the many classes available online and find the one that works for you. Whether you’re looking for yoga, Zumba, HIIT, dance, Pilates, cardio, or spin, if you can dream it, it probably exists on the internet.

Use what you have

Most people don't have a fully stocked gym in their basement with all the equipment they need. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to convert a variety of household items to exercise equipment. A beach towel, for example, can make a great yoga mat, a wooden box can work for plyometrics, and a folding chair is perfect for tricep dips. Don’t have any dumbbells at home? For lighter weights, try using soup cans. For heavier options, fill empty milk jugs or laundry detergent bottles with sand. And if you need some serious weight, a big bag of flour or a couple cast iron frying pans might do the trick.

Take a stretch break

Working at a desk can cause all kinds of strain and tightness, especially in your shoulders, neck, back and hips. But the great thing about working from home is that you can pause to take stretch breaks without the judgement of any nosey coworkers. Carve out a couple breaks in your day for five to ten minutes of movement. You can look online for ideas or simply use your favourite stretches from the gym. 

Get a buddy

It can be tough to stick to an exercise routine by yourself. To help you stay accountable, enlist a buddy to join you for regular workouts. It could be someone you live with or a nearby friend or neighbor. Of course, just remember to maintain appropriate social distancing if you’re exercising with someone who isn’t from your immediate household.

However you choose to work out, don’t forget to give yourself time to get used to your new workout schedule. Especially in such a stressful time, it’s not easy to switch up your routines. However, staying active is an excellent way to combat anxiety—so it’s worth giving some of these ideas a go.

Wellness Blog

How To Improve Female Vitality

The definition of vitality is, exuberant physical strength or mental vigor. Do you feel the exact opposite of this? You’re not alone.


According to a study by the CDC, women were nearly twice as likely as men to often feel very tired or exhausted. It’s easy to see why this would be so. As women, we are often caregivers, house cleaners, grocery shoppers (don’t forget about nose wiper, meal prepper, teen counselor...), often while being full-time workers at the same time. It’s no surprise that we aren’t feeling energized and invigorated.


At Kardish, we appreciate all that you do, and we want you to feel your very best while you do it. Here are our top strategies to feel empowered, positive and energized.

Addressing adrenal fatigue

The adrenal glands help us to manage stress but when we are chronically stressed and anxious the adrenals become exhausted. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue/exhaustion are weight gain, difficulty coping with emotions, the need for stimulants like coffee and waking in the middle of the night. A product like ADRENAsmart is designed to support the adrenal glands and improve symptoms.

Getting more of the sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D plays an important role in our mental health, and according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, “about 2 to 3% of Canadians will experience SAD in their lifetime. Another 15% will experience a milder form of SAD”. Adding vitamin D to your supplement regime can be a simple step in improving mood and mental wellbeing.

Doing something for you

You can take all the supplements in the world, but they will be of no use if you continue to do everything without taking time for yourself. Your family may think you’re super woman, but it’s time to recognize that you can’t do it all. Learn that it’s okay to say no and to take time for yourself. Go get a message, take a trip to the spa or go read a book at your favourite cafe.

Support a whole food diet

Eating a well balanced diet rich in whole foods is important, but sometimes life happens and we struggle to get our 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables. A multivitamin like New Chapter or MegaFood is made from fruits, vegetables and herbs and complement a nutritious diet.

Improving sleep hygiene

The biggest factor in poor sleep is simply a lack of sleep. We recommend taking the tv out of the bedroom and getting an old fashioned alarm clock instead of using your phone. Keeping electronics out of the bedroom will stop the temptation to scroll through emails or send a quick text. The artificial light from screens can reduce melatonin and excite your brain, which negatively affects our sleep quality.  If you need a bit of help with getting to sleep try melatonin or an herbal blend like Flora Sleep Essence.

Keep hydrated all day long

Start each day with a glass of water mixed with lemon juice and maybe even some powdered greens. Water is a vital component of every process within our body. Without enough water our mental focus, digestion and mood would be affected. Keep a reusable water bottle like S’well or jar at your desk and around the house to remind you to drink up. There are even free apps that remind you to get your eight cups a day.

Incorporate gentle exercise

If you are dealing adrenal fatigue, intense exercise may cause symptoms to worsen. Gentle exercise like yin yoga and tai-chi can improve flexibility, support lean muscle mass and decrease stress.

Balance blood sugar levels

Disglycemia is a term that refers to abnormalities in blood sugar levels. Many women deal with blood sugar irregularities on a daily bases; I like to call this “riding the blood sugar roller coaster”. Stabilize your blood sugar levels by eating macronutrient-balanced meals and snacks (this means protein, complex carbohydrates and fats). A smoothie with frozen berries, protein powder, chia seeds and coconut milk is a great example.